With 4 Lasers & an IPL in One Machine, the Spectrum is a Must-Have for Any Aesthetics Practice

In our Dear Doctor: Laser Q&A series, we speak to professionals in the medical aesthetics field who have built or grown their practices with the powerful devices from Rohrer Aesthetics. Recently, we spoke with award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Rubenstein about the versatile Spectrum Laser/IPL system. In this blog post, we share his experience with the Spectrum and how it has benefited his practice. 

Spectrum Laser/IPL System is Powerful and Versatile

The Spectrum Laser/IPL system provides versatility with four powerful lasers and an IPL all in one. It takes up less space than purchasing each of these technologies separately, and it is more cost effective. 

“Honestly, my go-to recommendation is always the Spectrum because, dollar for dollar, you’re getting a tremendous amount of technology at a very reasonable price,” says Dr. Rubenstein. “I’m not aware of a multi-function box that has all of the functions of the Spectrum.” 

If you perform the following procedures, the Spectrum is a must-have for your practice. 

Hair Removal

The Spectrum hair removal uses an 810-diode with a large spot size, built-in contact cooling, and a hertz rate of up to 10-pulses per second. According to Dr. Rubenstein, the Spectrum hair removal function will please you and your patients: 

“The hair removal has exceeded our expectations; It’s very efficient, and it’s a lot less painful than some of the other stuff we’ve tried in the past . . . Patients are happier.” 

Tattoo Removal for All Skin Tones

The Spectrum includes a Q-Switched Yag/KTP with dual wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) to remove a wide range of tattoo pigments, and it is safe for any skin tone. 

“The tattoo removal was really great,” says Dr. Rubenstein. “My scrub tech has dark skin and had a dark tattoo across her chest. You always worry about tattoo removal with dark-skinned patients because you don’t want to burn anything, and you don’t want to have any scarring. With the Spectrum, we removed it gently through multiple treatments.” He adds, “I’m really impressed with the results on her tattoo removal because there’s no ghost image, there’s no scarring.”

Non-Ablative Procedures

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) comes with four filters for excellent results for hair reduction, acne reduction, the removal of vascular and pigmented lesions, and other non-ablative skin treatments. 

Vascular Reduction 

The Spectrum’s Long Pulsed Yag is highly effective for vascular reduction and effectively removes cherry angioma. 

Skin Resurfacing 

The Spectrum also features an Erbium Yag that removes surface pigmentation and wrinkles. 

Multi-Functional and Still More Power Than You Will Ever Need

The Spectrum saves space in your practice by putting four lasers and an IPL in one machine. Many people ask us, “With one unit that does so much, is it powerful enough to be able to perform the procedures that I want to use it for?” 

Here’s what Dr. Rubenstein has to say about powerful he finds the machine to be: 

“The Spectrum has more power than we would ever need for just about every application. I can’t think of any uses of that machine that we jack the power up to its max setting. I’d be worried about using the max setting – it’s a pretty powerful box.” 

Rubenstein emphasizes, “I have never at all felt that I wish I had a little more power to do this or the other. For every application that I’ve used it for, I can’t imagine having to use max power. It’s just a well put together machine.”

Amazing Value and ROI

“When you put all the different functions into it, there’s no value like it in the market, so I absolutely recommend it,” says Dr. Rubenstein. “It’s used in my office every day.” 

Dr. Rubenstein says he saw a return on his investment within the first year of adding the Spectrum to his practice.

“Even if you’re just starting a practice,” he says, “within two to three years of using this device, it’ll more than pay for itself. And it’ll only take that long because if you’re starting your practice, it takes a while to build up the patient flow to do enough treatments. But if you already have a mature practice, and you just want to get into more light and laser treatments, this is a no-brainer.”

The Spectrum is a Great Value Backed by Rohrer’s Excellent Service

At Rohrer, we pride ourselves on our service. We understand that if your equipment is down and not back up and running fast, it will cost your practice a lot of money, so we go out of our way to ensure your device is always in working order and that you never have to cancel an appointment. 

Dr. Rubenstein describes one of the rare instances where he required service for the Spectrum at his office: 

“We were questioning whether we were getting the same results with IPL, and I didn’t know if the IPL head needed calibration. Within a couple of days, we had a new one. You guys checked it out, made sure calibration was right. We were never down; I don’t think I had to cancel a single treatment because we had the replacement head within a day. It was very responsive and quick.” 

The Spectrum is Reliable Technology that Lasts

“This is a machine with long-standing technology,” says Dr. Rubenstein. “Everything the Spectrum does has a history that we know is reliable.” He adds, “They’re all workhorse technologies used for their individual purposes. So, the expectation is that it’ll do what it’s supposed to do, and it definitely does.”  

Dr. Rubenstein is a repeat customer of ours, and he speaks to his experience working with us and how our equipment has lasted over the years: 

“I already knew the company, and I had a lot of trust and faith that we were going to be taken care of.” He adds, “I know the technology is reliable. I still have that original CO2 I bought from [Rohrer] way back when. It’s a workhorse. The thing still runs. So, when it comes to durability and the quality of the product, I have no concerns there.”

We stand by the reliability of the Spectrum with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day buyback guarantee. The Spectrum requires no consumables or disposables, and we ensure quick and reliable service. If anything goes wrong with the Spectrum, we will be there instantly with a replacement as we service your device so that you never have to postpone treatments or cancel appointments. 

“The real story with the Spectrum: It’s dynamite.” 

  • Dr. Rubenstein

Learn more about building your practice with the Spectrum 

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we have always offered affordable laser technology like the Spectrum so our customers can realize a quick return on their investment. For years, we have provided affordable, high-quality, and reliable products and excellent service to customers like Dr. Rubenstein. Let us be a partner in building success by adding the Spectrum to your aesthetics practice.

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