Two powerful body-contouring devices help your patients achieve their New Year’s resolutions

As your patients gear up for their “new year, new you” resolutions, you want to be able to offer solutions that will make a difference for tangible results. The BodySculp and BodyTone by Rohrer Aesthetics are two powerful machines that will jumpstart your patients’ fitness goals.

Let’s take a closer look at these two devices and how they can grow your medical aesthetics practice.

BodySculp Effective Noninvasive Laser Treatment for Fat Elimination

Many people struggle with stubborn fat that they can’t get rid of, especially around the midsection. This obstacle can make motivation difficult as your patients face their New Year’s resolutions. The BodySculp is an excellent treatment offering for any practice to help jumpstart their patients’ fitness and wellness goals. 

The BodySculp features four diode laser applicators that use laser energy to target fatty tissue beneath the skin without harming the skin’s surface. The laser energy heats and destroys the fat cells (without damaging other tissue). The body naturally eliminates disrupted fat cells through lymphatic systems. This targeted fat reduction system is perfect for getting rid of stubborn fat safely and comfortably.  

Benefits of the BodySculp include: 

  • 25-Minute Treatment Cycle
  • Patient Comfort
  • No Per-Treatment Cost to Provider

Patients see fast results after only two weeks, with full results becoming evident three months after treatment. For maximum results, patients may require multiple treatments. The difference BodySculp makes for reducing the most stubborn fat makes this the perfect solution for adding revenue during the rush after the new year. 

BodyTone Muscle Building and Body Toning

As the new year approaches, many people start to pursue options for enhancing, toning, and feeling confident about their bodies. The BodyTone is a non-invasive solution for athletes who wish they had more definition and for people who want more muscle mass in general. 

Increase Muscle Mass in Weakened Muscle Groups

As we reach about 30 years of age, we begin to lose muscle mass. It’s just another thing about aging that we all have to face eventually. The BodyTone uses bio-lectric energy pulses to exercise target muscle groups to rebuild mass and tone weak muscles. The proprietary waveform patterns used in the BodyTone system confuse muscle groups in a way that is necessary to keep muscles growing. 

Break Through Plateaus at the Gym

The BodyTone offers a way to overcome plateaus at the gym without surgery or chemical help. It is almost impossible for most people, no matter how often they pump iron, to get real, chiseled muscle definition without help. BodyTone is a safe, effective treatment to help build muscle mass and achieve visibly toned muscle structure. By twisting, flexing, and contracting specific muscles, the BodyTone simulates a heavy workout that exceeds what can be done at a fitness center, creating up to a 30% increase in muscle development. 

Provider benefits include: 

  • Customized treatments
  • Treat multiple muscle groups in one setting
  • Non-invasive
  • Builds core strength
  • FDA approved
  • Minimal patient soreness that subsides after 72 hours
  • No patient downtime

We recommend patients sign up for six treatments (2 treatments per week for 3 weeks) to achieve maximum results. After that, maintenance treatments help with continued muscle strength and definition. 

Complete New Year’s Resolutions with Both Systems

When used together, the BodySculp and BodyTone become the perfect combination for helping patients achieve their goals with ease. 

To ring in the New Year after a tumultuous 2020, add both of these powerful devices to your aesthetics practice and jumpstart your success for growing your practice. And when you pair your expertise with the Rohrer commitment to excellent service and high-quality aesthetics equipment, you have a resolution that you are sure to keep. 

Contact us today about how you can get these devices in your practice. Ask us about our specials and promotions!

Learn more about what Rohrer Aesthetics has to offer to grow your practice for the new year

At Rohrer Aesthetics, we built our stellar reputation on a commitment to providing affordable, high-quality laser technologies and unparalleled customer service to medical aesthetics practices across the United States. Let us be a partner in growing your aesthetics practice. Contact the experts at Rohrer Aesthetics to learn more. 

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