Rohrer Aesthetics, LLC is proud to manufacture the EpiLaze Hair Removal System. The EpiLaze is the ultimate solution for laser hair removal, combining the benefits of a long-pulsed Yag (1064nm) laser, an 810nm diode laser, and a long-pulsed Alexandrite (755nm) laser. The EpiLaze is the only Rohrer Aesthetics system that includes all three “Gold Standard” hair removal wavelengths.


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At Rohrer Aesthetics, we designed the EpiLaze with three FDA-approved lasers proven to remove hair and permanently reduce hair pigmentation. The lasers feature two modes: Standard and our exclusive Smooth Flow Technology (SFT). While in SFT mode, the EpiLaze can dissipate up to ten pulses of energy per second, allowing technicians to effectively treat large areas, including the chest, legs, and back, in less than 20 minutes.

Before, during, and after the EpiLaze delivers energy, the chilled sapphire tip cools the skin, making laser hair removal a safe and effective treatment with little to no discomfort.


  • FDA approved to be used on all skin types and tanned skin. Treat your patients year round.
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • No Consumables or Disposables
  • Intuitive Control Panel



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“I have purchased the Phoenix-15 and have nothing but praise for the device. When one looks at the cost, lack of consumables, the ability to treat hands, along with the reliability and dependability of all of Mark Rohrer’s products it was an easy choice to make. I highly recommend this device for anyone entering into the arena of fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing.”

John H. Joseph, MD

“I have now purchased 5 lasers from Rohrer Aesthetics. The first purchase was in 2004 and that laser is still going strong with excellent results and no service calls to date. My recent choice of lasers was the Phoenix CO2 and Spectrum multiwavelength platform. This company is leading the way in providing a single platform that can legitimately treat a multitude of problems and areas. These lasers are truly the “swiss army knives” of light based therapy”

Lionel D Meadows, MD, FACOG

“I find the Rohrer Aesthetics sales team to be dependable and trustworthy. Professional service is always a phone call away. (Fortunately, this has been an uncommon need over the years). My clinical results are excellent and well within the acceptable standards. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend a good look at the product line.”

Fred Fedok, MD, FACS